Vrolio Makes STR Investing Easier For Everyone

STR Acquisitions

Researching Markets, Underwriting Potential Properties With Reliable Data & Building Your Acquisitions Team.

The very first step to finding the right STR for an investor is first getting access to the cleanest data that will accurately underwrite market and property performance potential. Another huge important piece of this is being connected to the most highly trained & experienced STR real estate agents that also understand data analysis and are adopting data technology in their business models to better serve the investor. In a shifting market, good data + local expertise is the formula for success on the entry point of the investment. Vrolio solves the data, inventory & team-building piece for the investor.

STR Exits

Cap Rate Valuations, Niche Marketplace Exposure To Investors

Selling a short term rental is a very different transaction than selling a residential property. It's the single most overlooked piece of this asset class and it's mostly due to the emerging need for unique valuation strategies to properly assess a short term rental property's true value. Vrolio has built proprietary data models around this and helps owners sell at a higher value than if they just listed the property like a standard residential home. Vrolio's powerful exit strategy formulas, data models and marketplace are the trifecta for helping owners exit from their property as an investment asset instead of just a house with only property value.

Meet The Team

Vrolio is a female-founded and led company. All of us here at Vrolio are real estate and short-term rental investors ourselves and many of us are also long-time agents. Vrolio was built by the exact type of people that we serve, which is why we love so much the work we do here. Not only are we striving to deliver the best products in the industry, but it's also personal to us. We use the very tools we create and we are on this journey together with you.

Erica Muller

Founder and CEO

Erica is highly dedicated to defragmenting the short term rental industry and merging it with the real estate industry. Erica started out as a licensed agent in 2002 at only 18 years old. During the first five years she worked mainly with investment properties representing funds and international high net worth clients in the commercial and residential investment space. In 2007 she pivoted into the short term rental vertical and sold & mentored over $100 million in STR sales before Airbnb was mainstream and developed some of the earliest stage STR financial models that have been used by thousands of agents, developers and investors to date. Erica is also a data scientist and co-architect behind the proprietary models that power Vrolio's technology. Erica founded Vrolio in 2018.

Jeramie Worley

Chief Executive Officer

Jeramie accidentally perfected the second home brokerage business model in the worst real estate market in history. With nothing but grit, relentless drive, and the advice of a kindergartener, he excelled in recognizing patterns in real estate. Jeramie served as a top-producing realtor beginning in 2006. He then opened a brokerage in 2011 and quickly became the number one independent brokerage in the Branson, MO area. In 2022 he made the decision to scale that successful model, teaching agents and investors around the globe. As the author of the highly acclaimed MYTHS, MANAGEMENT & MASTERY OF VACATION RENTALS, second edition, his service to STR real estate investors and agents has earned him regular speaking engagements on the topic of team building, short-term rental investing, and getting a greater return on your time.

Robert Klubenspies

Chief Technology Officer

Robert oversees the inveSTR technology development at Vrolio and also serves as Vrolio's broker of record on the referral department. Robert was an early stage employee at Vrolio and has been with the company since 2019. Robert graduated from UCF with a degree in legal studies, has worked as a web developer since 2012 and is also a real estate investor. Robert shares with the Vrolio team a passion for data accuracy and better tools for agents in the real estate industry. Robert and his wife frequent Disney World in their free time often and are considered the local "Disney experts". They understand the importance of the vacation rental industry and the role it plays to the local economy in both Orlando and the rest of the country.

Torrey Kanne

Head of Strategic Partners & Agent Relations

Torrey is based out of Minneapolis metro and has sold residential real estate for 10 years+. Torrey has a deep understanding of the agent/technology relationship and how important it is for agent's to be early adopters of emerging technology and tools. Torrey is now working as head of strategic partnerships and agent relationships at Vrolio and has a deep appreciation for the tools in the data technology space for agents. She stays active in her community by volunteering at her kid’s schools, sitting on the planning commission of her city, cooking and practicing yoga as often as possible!

Morgan Lewis

Head of Property Sales

Morgan owns STR property in Western North Carolina and she has personally managed over 60+ short-term rental real estate transactions from start to finish. Morgan works directly with Vrolio's investor clients that are trying to decide which market is a good fit for them and supports them in the initial stages of finding that perfect market and getting connected to Vrolio's top talent in that market to facilitate their acquisition. Morgan also hosts our STR Matchmaker calls works alongside our inveSTR data when consulting with investors.

Kimberly Porras

Head of Marketing Technology

Kimberly is a martech wizard and is responsible for the technology behind Vrolio that allows it to scale and grow. She currently works as Head of Marketing Technology at Vrolio, where she identifies and builds automations that power the behind the scenes technologies at Vrolio. Kimberly has been with Vrolio since 2020 and has been an active part of the team in regards to growth, strategy and support.

Melissa Wesling

Head of Support & Operations

Melissa has been in the short-term rental space since 2007. She owns a portfolio of 5 short-term rentals and 2 long-term rentals. As the co-founder of a new vacation rental management company, she recently began managing properties for other owners in Michigan. She provides administrative support and manages small projects at Vrolio.

Elias Herruzo Puerto

Head of Data Sales-
Latin America & Brasil

Elias has a background in risk management for financial institutions such BBVA as well as being an economic advisor to investment firms in Spain. Elias has a detailed understanding of economic factors that contribute to market and investment conditions globally. He speaks Spanish, Portuguese and English and is responsible for all Latin America and Brazil data sales at Vrolio.

Linda Mason

Head of STR Compliance

Linda is a former licensed agent for 18 years and licensed CAM property manager for 13 years. She has managed dozens of Association Communities and is intimately familiar with complex association documents as well as municipality rules and regulations. She has created and managed millions of dollars in annual budgets for the communities she's managed and overseen the STR regulatory landscape across them.