STR investing has never been easier!

Better Data

We know how important having reliable data is to drive your investment decisions. We pride ourselves in providing not only the cleanest data reporting but also the most conservative on the market so you make smarter investment decisions.

More Inventory

Having access to STR listings at a glance is something Vrolio has specialized in since 2018. Our marketplace is powered by off market inventory worldwide so you find bonus inventory that isn't available anywhere else.

Sharper Agents

Vrolio's network of STR agents are the most dedicated, experienced and savvy agents in the STR space. Our agents are highly trained in the use of data backed investment strategies and understand the details that are unique to success in their markets.

Next Steps

1. How Can I Access Your Data?

Great news! Our data is completely free to you, the investor, thanks to our incredible STR agent network . Each agent has already sponsored the data in their market and you can access it quickly, easily and for free on their unique URL. To get access to Vrolio's data in your market of interest just fill out our data access request form here and we'll get you plugged in to those markets within 24-48 hours.

2. How Can I Plug Into Your Free STR Zooms?

One of our favorite things to do here at Vrolio is to teach. Our approach is always reliable data-backed strategies and we do not promote any type of hard sales or speculative-based pitching. If it can't be backed up with good data, we don't talk about it. Every week we hold what's called our "STR Matchmaker Calls". We bring on different agents from different markets and one of our team members hosts the call. We dig into the data in each of those markets for 15 minutes and we allow the data to drive the questions. The expert agents digest the data for you live on the call. You can ask questions and learn in real-time from the local experts paired with our trustworthy data. You can register on our Calendar for the next call.

3. How Do I Get Connected To Your Agents?

If you're looking to get connected to one of our specialized STR agents in the network you can simply fill this form out and our team will get you connected with a white glove intro for you.

4. How Do I Search Your Marketplace?

You can sign up for your free marketplace account and browse the off market property listings at This is again free for you to use, we do not charge for you to access our platform.

5. How Can I List My STR For Sale?

Make sure when you sign up for our marketplace you sign up as an owner so your sell features are enabled. Only owners and agents have these features. Once you're logged in you will see the "sell my property" link in the top right under your photo.